Board Members

Board Members & Board Meetings

The District’s governance consists of a seven-member Board of Directors that appropriately serves according to the Texas Water Code for general law districts.  Directors regularly meet on the third Tuesday of each month at the JCSUD office.   A workshop is held at 4:30 pm and the board meeting begins at 5:30 pm.

Directors are elected by the registered voters in the district.  Terms are staggered such that each year three director positions are available for election.  In accordance with the Texas Election Code, each year the District orders an election which is scheduled for the first Saturday in February.  The last day to file for a place on the ballot is 60 days before the Election Day.

JCSUD directors serve without compensation.  These people volunteer their time in working hard to achieve the best value for their rural neighbors.  Thanks, directors for all the good you do! 

President Tommy Webb  
Vice-President Gene Petross  
Secretary/Treasurer Michael Bowles  
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Harry Shaffer  
Director Eric Baze  
Director Jack Beavers  
Director Richard Connally