FAQ's about New Payment Portal and New Account Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was it necessary to change the Johnson County Special Utility District (JCSUD) bill payment system and account numbers?

Simply put, implementing a new payment system and customer account number is essential to delivering great service to you. The number of customers in the District has outgrown our current system. In 1998 when we started using our current system, we delivered water to 6,000 customers. Today, we serve nearly three times as many homes, businesses, farms and ranches. Our old system was no longer meeting our commitment to delivering quality service to you.


When will these changes take place?

The new billing system will be implemented in the office on August 26th, enabling the assignment of new account numbers. 

Bills being mailed out to customers after August 26th will include the new account number. 

On September 8th, the new payment profile website will be available for you to set up Auto Pay, Online Bill Payment or Pay-by-Text.


Why do we need to have a new account number to be placed on the new system?

The format of account numbers in the new system differs from those in our old system, requiring the creation of new account numbers. Having a billing system that can dependably support all aspects of JCSUD for you and other customers is part of our commitment to quality in everything we do.

Does this need for a new account number involve all JCSUD customers?

Yes.  None of our customers have an account number that can be used in the new system.  We know that some customers who have been with us since the earliest days of the District have their numbers memorized, but improving our billing system was important to better serve you.

Do I need to do anything to create the new account number?

No action is required from you - we will create new account numbers for all our customers.

How will I receive my new account number?

You will see your new account number on JCSUD bills sent after August 26th. 

You will be able to set-up your new payment profile for Auto Pay, Online Bill Payment or Pay-by-Text on September 8th.  You will be able to immediately begin using your new account number when paying by mail, phone or in-person at our office in Joshua.

If I pay my bill by mail, by phone or in-person at JCSUD, will I need to establish a new payment profile?

No.  The only need to set up a new payment profile is if you want to continue or start using the convenience of Auto Pay, Online Bill Payment or Pay-by-Text.

Once I have the new account number, what do I need to do to change over or start my JCSUD Auto Pay, Online Bill Payment or Pay-by-Text?

  1. Visit JCSUD.com
  3. Click Register and follow the prompts
  4. Verify your email address
  5. Login using your email address and password
  6. Click Utility Billing
  7. Click Add an account and follow the prompts (Account Number and Last Payment Amount can be found on your most recent bill)
  8. Click the silhouette dropdown in the upper right corner – select Payment information
  9. Click Add Payment Method and follow the prompts

Using your new payment profile, you can view account details, pay your bill, and manage multiple accounts. 


Why did I receive two emails about my JCSUD bill?

The new billing system generates a “Utility Billing Payment Reminder” from noreply@municipalonlinepayments.com.  Customers will also receive the regular JCSUD Statement from NoReply@jcsud.com.  Both emails have a link that will direct customers to the new payment website to set up a new payment profile, manage multiple accounts, or pay a bill.

If I don’t set up a new payment profile, will my water service be stopped?

You are able to start making payments by mail, by phone, or in-person at JCSUD without a payment profile and without interruption to your service.  Those interested in continuing or starting Auto Pay, Online Bill Payment or Pay-by-Text can do so after establishing a new payment profile.

If I have questions about any of this, where can I turn for assistance?

We're here to help make any needed changes easy.  Please call us at 817-760-5200 or email us at helpinfo@jcsud.com