Managing Staff

Your Johnson County Special Utility District staff is always here to help you. Whether you need assistance with a bill or a question about your usage, we are here to serve you. Stop by and see us during our office hours!

The District’s managing staff is on the leading edge in terms of expertise and service among rural water providers in Texas. What a good story there is to tell about the history of the District. So much has transpired over the decades to stay ahead of the growing demand for water utility service in this part of North Central Texas. It takes the right people to couple vision and initiative to bridge planning with deployment.  

Kathy Rice, Controller/Accounting Manager, came aboard in 2013. Kathy’s 20-plus years in the accounting field makes her best suited to manage the daily financial activities of the District. Budget planning, investment management, human resources, rounds out Kathy’s general duties.  

The District's longest tenured employee announced his retirement in January. Ronnie Nichols began his career here in 1978 and worked his way up through the ranks to hold the position of System Operations Manager for 18 years. In the last couple of years Ronnie served as Project Manager for the Capital Improvements Program. Words can hardly express THANK YOU enough for what has been accomplished at JCSUD over the last four decades. What a difference you've made to shape operations, to automate system monitoring/controls, and your part in managing this water utility into the regional supplier that it has become today. On Jan. 18 we lamented over it being his last day, but we rejoice with Ronnie in looking forward to spending as much time with his children and grandchildren as he pleases. So, it's certainly not "goodbye," but "so-long" for now until you come back to visit the next time!

Recently the reigns of Operation Manager passed on to Danny Armstrong. Danny came aboard some 15 years ago with JCSUD. Danny’s style, initiative, and attitude are also the key ingredients in shaping the ideal leader to take operations into a new era and the next level.    

Dana Collier’s past experience in previous roles and public planning copiously qualifies her as the District’s System Development Coordinator. This department directly deals with subdivision planning, new growth activities (concept to completion), monitors system hydraulics, maintaining GIS and system mapping; just to name a few.

Josh Howard is the team’s newcomer. Since his arrival in 2016, Josh’s knowledge of the District’s business grows just as exponential as the responsibilities he inherits to oversee and coordinate various accounting and customer service activities.

Terry Kelley, general manager, has been with the District 25 years and leads this fine team with over 32 years of experience in administration and planning for public water and wastewater systems.

General Manager

Terry Kelley

System Development Coordinator

Dana Collier

Operations Manager

Danny Armstrong

Controller/Accounting Manager

Kathy Rice

Customer Service Supervisor

Joshua Howard