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JCSUD 2019 Water Rates Stable; Sewer Rate Increases

“In the 2019 budget planning cycle water rates will remain the same; however an increase is needed for wastewater billing collections”, says Terry Kelley, general manager of Johnson County Special Utility District.  Kelley added, “Given our relatively small wastewater collection and treatment system, we have to keep a vigil on rates to mitigate shortfalls to fully fund sewer capital improvement needs from year to year.” The projected average monthly sewer bill of 8K gal/mo. will become $58; an increase of $5 for residential customers.


Josh Howard, the District’s customer service supervisor advises that “research on comparative rates shows that among eight water utilities in Johnson and Hood counties serving a population greater than 3000, the new sewer rate for Joshua is within 5% of the average billing. That’s a plausible accomplishment in comparison to Burleson’s sewer billing for 8K/mo. which is also $58. Burleson serves a population of 46K while Joshua (8K pop.) residents maintain a comparable rate given a collection system which supports “one-sixth” the population.” 


The new rate was adopted at the November 14 Board meeting. It represents a $1 increase to $22 for the monthly minimum and a 50 cent increase to become $4.50 per K gallons usage up to 10K (the cap remains unchanged). Commercial accounts compared to residential require a higher level of attention and oversite. Accordingly, commercial accounts will have a $25 monthly minimum while the same gallonage charge of $4.50 applies. A 50 cent increase will apply to each unit for multi-family accounts such as apartment complexes, mobile home parks, etc.


Consistent with the notification procedures of the Texas Water Code Chapter 13, by this notice JCSUD plans to implement the updated sewer rate for 2019 to be in effect for the next January billing cycle. For more information see the latest info regarding this topic at the JCSUD website, www.jcsud.com or call the office at 817-760-5200 to speak with a customer service representative.