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The original item was published from 5/8/2023 9:21:18 AM to 6/1/2023 12:00:02 AM.

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Posted on: January 23, 2023

[ARCHIVED] JCSUD 2022 - 2023 Accomplishments and Initiatives

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Water Loss Control ProgramOperations Cover

JCSUD implemented a water loss control program in March 2022. The importance of prioritizing active leak control practices and procedures in identifying water loss and corresponding strategies to reduce leakage cannot be understated. JCSUD has increased revenues and benefits from the extension of sustainable water supplies, reduced operating costs, improved system hydraulics and District efficiency, and improved environmental stewardship. JCSUD has significantly reduced water loss during 2022, reducing the 12-month total water loss rolling average percentage from 17.94% to 13.76%.

Water and Wastewater Rate Stability

JCSUD has mitigated rate increases and maintained a high level of stability despite soaring inflationary costs impacting the cost of service. Prior to 2022, JCSUD hadn't raised water rates since 2017's modest increase and wastewater rates since 2019. JCSUD strives to manage revenues and expenses efficiently to maintain affordability for our customers. rates_historical_Chart

WaterSmart®  Customer Portal

JCSUD implemented the free WaterSmart® Customer Portal. This program provides data to a user-specific dashboard designed to help you track your home's water use and spending with an easy-to use digital platform. This service allows customers to view their home's water use, be notified of leaks, receive urgent notifications regarding their water service, access tips and actions to conserve water and compare their water use to similar homes. The WaterSmart® Customer Portal is made possible through the implementation of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network. AMI is a two-way communication system that remotely collects detailed metering information throughout a utility's system. JCSUD's implementation of the AMI network began in 2019. AMI is rapidly becoming the up-and-coming new standard among public water systems and other utilities around the country. AMI operates from a specialized data management software system that integrates with new "smart meters." Converting JCSUD over to the AMI system enhances customer service and improves the overall efficiency of the meter reading and billing process. Additionally, the AMI network enhances customer service by integrating with JCSUD's free WaterSmart® Customer Portal. Enhancing the District's AMI network and the promotion of the WaterSmart® program will be a continued priority in 2023.

$22M CIP/Bond Project

The $22 million-dollar ($22M) Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) bond project began construction in the summer of 2020. The $22M project consists of 11 projects throughout the system and upgraded approximately 130,000 LF (25 Miles) of waterlines throughout the system. 

  • CR 913 (Godley/Joshua/Burleson) 
  • FM 1902 (3 projects) (Crowley/Burleson/Joshua) 
  • FM 2331 (Godley/Cleburne) 
  • CR 312 (Grandview) 
  • FM 4 (Godley/Cleburne) 
  • FM 2415 (Alvarado/Grandview) 
  • CR 402 (Grandview) 
  • I-35W (Grandview) 
  • FM 917 (Alvarado/Mansfield)

The bond project was installed to improve the water supply in some areas of the system while also providing fire hydrants that will benefit the local area. The installation of these projects also improves the District's service capacity. 

Burleson - Plant 8 Elevated Water Storage Project2_1 - Photo

This project involves the construction of an elevated storage tank on CR 919. It will be constructed to hold 1 million gallons of water and stand 176 feet tall. This new storage tank will enhance water pressure in Pressure Plane 08, and provide additional water supply for emergencies. This project also includes the installation of new larger waterlines. These new waterlines will help provide better water service and pressure throughout the pressure plane.

District Office ExpansionPicture1

As JCSUD hired additional employees to provide improved services and accomplish more projects, expanding the facility became necessary. In 2022, the District was able to maximize existing space and build additional workspaces for staff within several departments. Additionally, in August 2022, the existing employee parking lot was expanded from 21 spaces to 42 spaces, 29 parking spaces were striped in the gravel parking strip, and construction of additional parking on the north side of the parking lot to provide a total of 102 parking spaces. The improvements also include the installation of lighting within the new parking areas.

Branding, Culture and Website

2022 saw the continuation of the rollout of the new JCSUD brand to help promote our purpose, unify our team, and energize our brand. This process is the foundation of a complete brand experience across all communication touchpoints, including branding, marketing, content, website, integrations, recruiting, and onboarding. The phase completed in 2022 included updates to the board room and inside signage and décor, color changes in the building, and the transition to a new logo. Additionally, several initiatives have taken place during 2022 to build on brand identity and revitalize the organization's culture. One of the significant additions was the establishment of the JCSUD Core Values: Adaptable, Dedicated, Genuine, Helpful, and Excellent. Our core values are how we deliver on our promise to keep life moving forward for those who are counting on us. The values are used internally to build employee culture and externally when establishing customer and stakeholder relationships. Another accomplishment was the release of the District's new and improved website. JCSUD partnered with CivicPlus, the leading government website provider, to design a customer-focused website with new self-service features. The new website helps meet several of the District's goals of improved service, communication, and interaction with customers. Through the new website, customers can complete online forms, watch live and recorded videos of JCSUD Board meetings, pay water bills, stay up to date with the News Flash module, apply for jobs and alerts, and more.

Daupler Response Management System (RMS)

JCSUD is developing a partnership with Daupler to receive after-hours customer calls and implement a Response Management System (RMS) to be utilized by JCSUD to respond timelier and effectively to emergency water and wastewater calls. The RMS system gathers real-time response data to document response performance, provides management transparency, and provides a customer-facing interface for JCSUD to engage customers. The customer-facing feature includes timelines for incident response detailing crew dispatch, arrival, and departure times, the information provided to JCSUD by the customer during the initial customer call, and the ability for the customer to upload photos, add notes, and provide special instructions. The partnership with Daupler will provide more effective two-way communication between JCSUD and customers through voice and text.

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Water Capital Improvement Projects

The East County Road 405 project is located just south of Alvarado, between CR 401 and I-35W, and replaced approximately 2100 LF (0.4 miles) of a 2 ½-inch waterline with a 6-inch waterline. The east CR 405 project was categorized in the 2020 Water Master Plan as a line showing pressure issues. The 6-inch waterline resolved the pressure issue. 

E CR 405

The South Hill County Road 1421 Loop project is located approximately 5 miles south of Rio Vista off of FM 2488 and replaced approximately 1500 LF (0.25 miles) of a 1 ½-inch waterline with a 6- inch waterline. The south HCR 1421 Loop project was categorized in the 2020 Water Master Plan as a line having pressure issues. The 6-inch waterline resolved the pressure issue. 

S HCR 1421

Wastewater Capital Improvement Projectswastewater_CIP

In Joshua, the Sweetbriar Sewer Line Replacement Project repaired 150 feet of old sewer line with a new PVC sewer line. Which improved the system and reduced backups. In 2022, seven (7) old brick manholes were rehabilitated with new concrete manholes. These new manholes will help improve the sewer system and reduce unwanted water and debris from entering the sewer system. Along FM 917, just outside Joshua, a project is under construction to replace 510 feet of old collapsed clay pipe with a new PVC sewer line. The new line will help reduce the possibility of backups. Also in 2022, the Greenhill Drive Project in Joshua installed two (2) new concrete manholes. The manholes were installed in places where the sewer line was bending. By adding these manholes, the system can now flow easier, and this area can now be maintained more efficiently. For the Wastewater Treatment Plant, a permanent belt press was approved and ordered. The belt press will help remove moisture from the sludge produced at the plant and reduce disposal costs incurred by the District. The belt press project is expected to be installed and completed in late 2023.

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