Service Requests

At JCSUD, we're working for you to make sure you have the water services you need when you need them. Whether you need to start or disconnect service, our customer service reps are ready to assist. 

Choose the action you need to take regarding your account to learn what information you need to have available to make the process go smoothly. 

We want our customers to have a smooth transition onto our system and to be informed of all of the resources and programs available to them. The JCSUD New Customer Packet is a great tool to learn more about JCSUD, understand your water and wastewater services, and know more about the resources available to you as a customer. 

If you need further assistance, please contact our office during business hours at (817) 760-5200. 

  1. Start Service
  2. Disconnect Service

Start Service

Moving to a new home?  Let's start your water service process.

Temporary Service

Temporary service anticipates a short duration with the objective of soon converting the account to “standard” service.  Usage may not exceed 1,000 gallons in a month and there may be no residency at the property.

Need temporary service?  Let's start your water service process.

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