Fire Hydrant Meter Service

Fire Hydrant Meter Service is classified as a temporary service. Temporary Service is a non-standard classification separate from water service to standard connections via permanently installed meters.  

Commercial or residential needs have permanently installed meters for continuous standard service.  However, this classification of service is generally associated with the process of various types of construction, including gas exploration. Temporary service for high-flow volumes is generally supplied via residual flows available from fire hydrants. The fire hydrant meter is not intended for use as an alternate source for water service to a specific location, residence, dwelling, etc., on a continuous or regular basis.    


A Service Availability Fee of $2000* is payable and submitted along with the fire hydrant (FH) meter application.  It covers the cost for account set-up, hydraulic evaluation, installation, equipment use, and deposit. 

Monthly Service ChargesDepositConnection Charge
Minimum Bill: $182
Volume Rate: $11.18 per 1,000 gal.

Please complete the Fire Hydrant Request Form to apply for service.  The Fire Hydrant Request may be completed below, printed, and emailed to JCSUD Transfer email, or Faxed to 817-760-5237. We look forward to serving your water needs. 

Please review the Fire Hydrant Use Agreement before completing the Fire Hydrant Request Form.

Fire Hydrant Request Form

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Fire Hydrant Meter Service Documents