Drought Contingency Plan

One of the most unpredictable parts of life is the weather. While rainfall and temperatures can be highly variable, one thing is always for sure, we need water. Thankfully, as part of our commitment to providing safe, reliable water to our communities, JCSUD has proactive measures in place to prepare us for drought conditions. As the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires, JCSUD produces a Drought Contingency Plan which is updated every five years. View the current Drought Contingency Plan.

The purpose of the Drought Contingency Plan is to:

- Protect and preserve public health, welfare, and safety.

- Conserve the available water supply in times of drought and emergency.

- Maintain supplies for domestic water use, sanitation, and fire protection.

- Minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortages.

- Minimize the adverse impacts of emergency water supply conditions.

The Drought Contingency Plan includes three drought stages: Stage 1 Drought Watch, Stage 2 Drought Warning, and Stage 3 Drought Emergency. Each drought stage includes different levels of conservation approaches intended tor reduce water usage by a certain percentage and to maximize the efficiency of water that is used, primarily water used outdoors for irrigation. Certain outdoor watering schedules may be imposed based on the address and type of connection (residential vs commercial). 

It is encouraged that customers review this plan to be informed of each drought stage and the triggers and requirements listed for each. As the need arises for the District to enter into or end a drought stage, notice will be provided to the public on the District website and via text and/or email alerts. It is important during times of drought that we all work together to help make the most of every drop. 

Livestock Drought Relief and Map