Wastewater Operations

Wastewater Treatment Plant The Wastewater Operations Department coordinates the overall wastewater treatment process from the collection system to the wastewater treatment plant to ensure a safe and high-quality final effluent.

The Wastewater Operations Department is responsible for providing wastewater collection services within the district service area, primarily located in the City of Joshua. The system is comprised of 49.1 miles of various sizes and compositions of piping, over 577 manholes, various dead-end cleanouts, approximately 3028 connections, 10 mechanical lift stations, and a daily average flow of approximately 500.000 gallons per day and a permitted maximum of 790.000 gallons per day.  The department consists of one Utility Crew Leader, two Utility Workers, and one Chief Operator for the wastewater plant.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facilities

JCSUD took ownership and operation of the Joshua Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facilities in 2007 from Johnson County Freshwater Supply District #1. The collection system serves some 3,000 connections in and around the City of Joshua and a small portion within the Burleson city limits. This small system is uniquely challenged as it straddles the basin divide line between the Trinity River and Brazos River watershed areas. 

The District operates 7 lift stations among nearly 48 miles of sewer mains in this collection system. In 2013 the District completed improvements to the treatment plant which has an average daily discharge of about 360K gallons per day. The treatment method includes influent screening for two aeration basins, four clarifiers, three on-site lift stations, and a chlorine contact basin. Treated effluent discharges into the Village Creek which eventually flows into Lake Arlington. In 2017, the TCEQ approved the District’s permit request to expand its average daily discharge volume to 790K gal/day.