Cross-Connections & Backflow Prevention 

By taking steps to control cross-connections and prevent the possibility of backflow, you will help to protect the public water supply.

Backflow is the unwanted flow from a domestic, industrial, or commercial piping system into the potable water distribution system. Click on the tabs below to learn more about cross-contamination inspections and testing. 

  1. Customer Service Inspection (CSI)
  2. Backflow Prevention

All water utilities, including JCSUD, are required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to obtain a completed Customer Service Inspection (CSI) Certificate before designating and transferring the account to "permanent" status for continuous water service.

The Customer Service Certification requires an on-site inspection to be performed by a Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS), a Certified Water Operator with a Customer Service Inspection (CSI) license, or a Licensed Plumbing Inspector.  The Inspector must complete the JCSUD-approved form.  The form is to certify the identification and prevention of cross-connections, potential contaminant hazards, and illegal lead materials as per Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) 290.46(j)(4).  

The inspection is to ensure the protection of the potable water system from potential contamination from the customer's side of the meter.  The inspection is not a plumbing inspection of the private water distribution system.  It does not nullify the customer's responsibility to install and maintain all plumbing in accordance with approved local, state, and national plumbing codes.

Absent the certificate, water service is designated as "temporary" and is subject to disconnection. 

JCSUD staff can assist you in completing the CSI.  The cost for JCSUD to perform the inspection is $75 and can be assessed to the customer's account. 

For further assistance or to make an appointment with a JCSUD-licensed CSI inspector, please contact the CSI/Backflow Clerk.   

JCSUD has partnered with SC Tracking Solutions LLC, a web-based software tool used to track, catalog, and confirm the validity of testers, inspectors, and their inspections. 

For testers: To register for the first time go to and create a login. All backflow prevention assembly test reports and customer service inspections will be completed on this website. Paper reports are no longer accepted.

Customer Service Inspection Certificate Form

List of Licensed CSI/WSPS Inspectors