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Whether planting a tree or shrubs, installing a fence, or installing an irrigation system, there is a high probability JCSUD has infrastructure within your dig site. 

“Hitting an underground utility line can do more than interrupt your utility service; it risks the safety of the person digging and the public.”

To prevent damage or risk safety of the public, you will want to call or go online and submit a ticket with the Texas 811 system.

The Texas 811 system is a free service to homeowners.

When you submit a ticket through the Texas 811 system, JCSUD will receive your ticket from Texas811 with your contact information and what area you will be digging in.

Please mark your intended dig area with white flags or white paint to help identify and not delay the line locates.

JCSUD will then send a Line Locator Technician to the property.  They will mark the approximate location of the infrastructure with flags and paint depending on what infrastructure is within the ground. JCSUD colors will be blue for water or green for wastewater.

The Line Locator Technician will only mark the infrastructure JCSUD is responsible for maintaining and will NOT locate the service lines from the meter to the dwelling, septic lines or systems, or other water supply lines. 

The Line Locator Technicians will mark the utilities within two (2) business days, which does not include holidays, so request the locates in advance.  

If you should accidentally come into contact with an underground utility, you should never try to bury or attempt to fix the problem.  Evacuate the area and immediately notify Texas 811 or the utility company.

If you want to verify that we have been notified of your line locate request or need to report a hit line, you can contact the JCSUD Operation Assistant at (817) 760-5201.  Please have your Texas 811 ticket number.

For more information about Texas 811, please visit www.texas811.org or dial 811 from any phone in Texas.

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